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    Cheese Grilling Game

    Tons of new ingredients, recipes and brand new mini-games. Check out in-game tutorial to learn how to play Papa's Cheeseria game. Good luck and have fun...

Papa’s Cheeseria

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You’re here because you are absolutely crazy about Papa Louie’s Restaurant games, and Papa’s Cheeseria is one of the best ones. What could be more relaxing and entertaining at same time than grilling cheese and making sandwiches… However, the reason why Cheeseria is among the best of all papa’s games is because of its unique features:  

  • Tons of new recipes to unlock (over 38). / Unlockable ingredients, drinks, toppings, sauces and other items 
  • Exclusive reward system and Daily Special / Plus amazing mini-game series with tons of rewards. 

These features is what the Papas Cheeseria game is all about. So, even if cooking and baking isn’t really your thing. Papa’s Games and especially Cheeseria is still going to be entertaining and fun. If this is your first Papa Louie restaurant game experience, make sure you follow the in-game instructions to get familiarized with how the Cheeseria or any other Papas game works; pretty simple really: 

  • Take order from customers  and head to the according “Stations” and follow the ticket to complete the order. 
  • Make sure you work accurately in order to get more tips. / Serve customer and take new orders. 

The most important part in all this is not to neglect the customers in line; you want to check the line often because customers keep coming as you are busy in the kitchen and making them wait will affect overall score you get for the order. For more Papa’s Games visit PapasGames.us

   Papa's Cheeseria, 4.4 out of 5 based on 13 ratings